Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rants and Ramblings of MylesH

Rants and Ramblings of MylesH

idea: maybe life is just a big MMOG
and reincarnation is just someone getting rebooted....

think of it - you pretty much start with the base level (infant)
and maybe you survive or you don't
and your choices determine what skills and vocations you get
sometimes you get the gold and sometimes someone stalks you into the wasteland and leaves you for dead....

kinda scary when you think of it

Help for all you addicted on-line gamers

I found a website www.detox.com which lists reasons why Warcraft users quit - basically - to get a real life. I have a suggestion to help them from relapsing: send me your stuff. Yes, courtesy this page, send me your account info and I will have it changed and disabled within 24 hours - this way, you can't change your mind next weekend, buy the upgrade, and log back. This is like the alcoholic who gives his booze to a buddy to dispose of. I will not use your account for nefarious reasons - I'll purge it and toast it if it is too painful for you to do.I've actually been working in Relapse Management since 1995, so this is natural for me...

Tax idea

I have a great idea for taxes: instead of taxing you on all your income and letting you deduct your investments, they should let you deduct your expenses (house, car, food, etc) and take a % of whatever money you have left over in a year.

Most years of my life, they'd owe me money.

Oh wait, this is what they do for businesses....8-)>