Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things I learned from being a geek

The 'good guys' or 'nice guys' or 'smartest guys' or 'best men' seldom win. Ever.
The meek might inherit the Earth, but the bullies will just take it form them again.
She likes you as a friend - really, just a friend - so she should pay for her own movie and popcorn.
Engineers and IT techs don't give orders on starships; they just carry them out.
People will like you, but they probably won't choose to hang out with you.
A moron who looks nice and gives good speeches always beats the guy who has facts and reality on his side.
No, no one actually 'groks' you.
Considering the physiques of the superheroes and heroines you draw, you judge others exactly as they judge you.
Fandon is a culture, and a safe one: no one would actually spend the effort on its genocide.
Nerds got revenge and took over, but no one really cares as long as their iphones have new apps.