Tuesday, February 05, 2008


oK, it was fun for awhile - and I like people finding me, because nobody new wants to be my friend, but perhaps because my system is old and decrepit (ie: middle aged like myself), I find it slow and full of errors so now people keep sending me quiz after quiz and survey and 'send enema' .... has this got out of hand?

What I doing now?
At the computer, on my butt.
What am I doing now?
Scratching said butt.
What am I doing now?
What am I doing now?
Posting on the aforementionned pooping.

Here's a new term: face-stalking... or facebook-ogling. You type in your buddy's name 'Smith Jones' and wow, look at all the hotties with the same last name, with pictures of them drunk at the bar. "Hello, my name is Jane Smith Jones and I was born yesterday and my SIN# is [ ] and I'm single and into hooking up and I hang out at Tropical Club on Main every CheapShooterDrunk night and here's my friends pictures..." If my adult child, never mind high school student, posted all this on-line, I'd start making 'MISSING' posters and call that Walsh guy with copies of her 'tramp stamp' butt tattoo for the CSIs.

I've had my yahoo account for over 10 years now - so I get spam the way Winnipeg gets snow. But I prefer people contacting me there so I don't have to check various accounts.... what the heck is my password for 'fartforfunandprofit@hotmail.com' anyways...

Someone at work said they thought reunions would be easier with myspace and facebook things, another predicted the opposite because you never have to lose touch anymore. Everyone is findable... so why bother. 'Hello, my name is Jane and I graduate in 3 years and these are my Best Friends Forever, BJ whose always 'friends with benefits' to my current boyfriend, CeeCee who is my 'friend with benefits', Deejay who plans to move to New York the day after grad, and EeJay who gets sick in the mornings now..' Love to find that floating around in cyberspace in 10 years...

yeah, I know, same old rant - nothing is meaningful anymore... I just see us as so 'in the moment' and it is not worthwhile long-term. Yesterday's developing nations buy up our companies so we go from good union jobs to 'welcome to Walmart' at minimum. Hot thing today is yesterday's hasbeen... finally - Britney Spears is in a psych ward! Imagine - you are the most famous person on earth, idolized by millions of wannabes, hungered for my millions of horny people, your every move captured on camera, and you want a normal life... and you can't get one... and you screw up royally and everyone knows about it... 'sorry, I'd like to put the genie back in the bottle now... I didn't read the fine print...' You need to get over yourself - be a mom, or be 'Britney' - not both. 'Britney' is a teenage pop idol tease - not a mom. I just think that if she would have dedicated herself to the parent thing hard core, she'd actually be more herself and could have it all. Not enough 'dharma' or 'yoga' or discipline in the world - what great dancer ever said 'I'll just do what I want and become the best' - no, they find a teacher who puts them through their paces and corrects them and eventually their real style emerges via the discipline - that's the problem with reality shows - you see all these losers trying out who have never really sang in public or a choir or danced in a high school show and expect to be discovered with no real effort. People who are discovered put in their time and pay their dues and look for opportunities to move up -they don't just wait in line for one day to become comic fodder.

...at least they could post their talents on their facebook accounts...