Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Star Trek movie - or JJ Abrams drinks for free in Winnipeg!

Wow - so happy to have a good relaunch, alternate universe, reboot, whatever. Fun enough movie for the Mundanes and yet it has stuff for the Fanboy - yours truly. My favorite thing is to see a movie, enjoy it, then rip it apart! I love Nitpicking!

Good points:

Kirk's dad looks just like a young Shatner. I assume the older brother was still on Earth, and is the angry voice heard on the car radio - unless it is some step-dad type. Apparently, Kirk was always trying to please his older brother and dad in the old universe, which is what made him so serious in school - until he discovered girls. I assume the older brother never got to travel in space because he was holding down the family farm and is a little grumpy.

Romulans have often been portrayed as demanding that 'battle of commanders' and wanting the defeated enemy captain to beam over for a face-to-face - in fact, Kirk's nephew used that to win the Kobiyashi Maru test in one book. (No, I haven't read a lot of the books or alternate stuff - I just have a very integrative memory)

Love Mr Urban as the new McCoy! I was hoping for a LITTLE Shatner in Mr Pine's performance... oh well...

Jettison the core- new (for this period) and good... not so good for getting to the next star system later though... I assume another ship responded to a distress call, gave a spare warp core, and they were flying again. This is one of those things you just have to put blinkers on for - it made a big boom, we're safe now, we can gallop away later - never mind the tech!

What a pretty ship. Wonder if they will play up the decline of Klingons and Vulcans influence and the rise of Romulan supremacy...

Cool Sulu sword.

Love the close in warping.... but that means that the only reason the Enterprise didn't blow up with the other ships was Sulu's little error?

A tear came to m' eye when the big E came swooping in to rescue, Spock ready to collide, Kirk crashing...

So Kirk was not born in Iowa, but was raised there. No Tarsus IV colony as a youth for Kirk with Kodos the Executioner. All starships now have 40 foot ceilings in not just docking bays but coolant plants.... Maybe they should just film in a football stadium.

I guess it is a classic - something coming to Earth, only ship, new ship, inexperienced crew, have to step up, crew infighting, came together, amazing tech solutions, change the future...

I think that the universes changed sometime between TNG and DS9- because WW3 never happened in DS9 - Gabriel Bell did - and Voyager found the 90s peaceful, with the annoying Sarah Silverman

Good way to launch the crew together - and it IS canon - mostly - and a great wide open opportunity for the genre

Silly points:

So I assume they got all that info out of Pike with that spinal insect thing - so they could sneak up on Earth. Crippled him anyways - so Kirk can conveniently get the Enterprise - and there still is a ban on stem cell research, apparently...

I assume that anytime we see different tech or styles, it is due to the Romulans selling their tech and influencing over 20 years of waiting for Spock to reappear.

I guess the ONLY thing in the galaxy that looks like 'lightning in space' is that particular anomaly which Kirk and Pike are fixated on. Sure hope they don't see any 'large gaseous clouds' out there...

Good thing Chekov is only 17 - so we can excuse that glorified extra's existence - to explain his insipidness.

I am always amazed when the opening salvo in a battle cripples or devastates a ship or fleet, yet it takes 30 more minutes to finish it off.

So, Vulcans are more open about having a "common heritage" with Romulans now? Or did he see a picture of Nero and just assume all pointy-eared hobgoblins are related?

So no one on Vulcan noticed the giant space ship? No satelites? No shuttles? No "Hey my cousin Bernie on the orbiting station was mentionning an incoming ship and then we got cut off - how illogical - perhaps I should notify someone..."

I am unsure of how they would predict the exact spot and time of Spock's return - but he is 200 years in the future so I assume he can work at this - because he has 20 YEARS!!! So what was he doing for 20 years? Altering the timeline I say - but subtly - because an evil human like me would take my massive mining ship - capable of destroying 40 klingon ships - and park it in orbit of my home planet and say 'hello ancestors - let's take over the galaxy' and procede to do so. He spends the 20 years waiting. Maybe he did some mining jobs to pay for repairs, maybe he sold some future tech to Ferengi.... but the movie implies he sat around waiting. Means his crew is the dumbest ever.

How did the USS Kelvin know they were Romulans when they've never seen them - but I assume they can read a hailing signal and it would match up to the old records.

So, how does the whole Uhura and Spock thing work, what with the 7 years pon farr thing? I assume she is waiting!

Please stop with the whole 'only ship in the quadrant' thing! It's been done SOOOOOO many times. We have to have a ship of cadets attack because no thought of building an extra ship with real crew? This happened in TMP, TWK, TVH, SFS - just stop it!!!! It is supposed to create tension but it is now lame!

So Delta Vega is a Vulcan moon? And you can just jettison people off a starship and no one minds this breach of protocol? Didn't even get really close to the station or notify the station... I know it is meant to be a way to have Kirk meet old Spock secretly...

So why drill a hole and drop the red matter in it - if you drop it on the surface, it will still cause a big enough black hole to destroy the place?

I assume there are more Vulcans out there somewhere - traders, merchants, researchers, diplomats.... of well, maybe they'll do some cloning

I just hope they don't 're-do' the movies or episodes but go completely fresh - maybe focus on some obscure trivia and flesh it out. No 'subhunt' with the Romulans, no Kahn, no Spock dies in this next movie... - it's fresh so keep it that way