Sunday, September 09, 2012

Best 838 things about being a Geek

Best thing about being a Geek:

#838 - We don't care if you are upset with us - someone else will answer our emails, and if you want to reconnect in a few years, we won't even know we were fighting

#837 - We've read wikipedia - every page - and we keep adding to it

#836 - We've been to the end of the Internet... and came back for more

#835 - We don't care if you have autism - we just find you a good source of information

#834 - We have no clue what the price of a stamp is and why you'd need one

#833 - I grok Spock

#832 - The Nerds didn't just get revenge, they took over!!

#831 - Everyone gets to be Dungeon Master someday...

#830 - The Force is with us. Always.

#829 - There's HD TV, Ipods, Hubble images from the Dawn of Time, free wireless, and co-eds stripping in front of their webcams 24/7... the world couldn't be better... and you're welcome!
Feel free to add 828 other reasons.