Friday, September 04, 2015

Should I care about refugees?

I'm glad I'm not a hermit.
Being in contact with nasty humans makes me grow.
Keeps reminding me of the real state of the world.
My cold logical side tries to be fiscally responsible and feel little for a refugee trying to get somewhere and hopes they just kill the oppressors at home....

but my heart-part of brain reminds me that my mother-in-law was born as a refugee from the Nazis and was homeless in Europe until coming to Ontario...
and everyone comes from somewhere else..
My Gothic ancestors fled the northern seas to settle in Europe, and then be oppressed by both the Roman Empire and Attila the Freaking Hun.... and all they wanted was to farm crappy land on the fringes of the good land.
My Anabaptist ancestors got kicked around Europe because they didn't want to fight in the endless wars over lines on a map..

It shouldn't take a drowned child to make people care about their fellow human...

... and if I had no heart, I realize I would be a great conservative political candidate