Friday, April 29, 2011

Top 10 Reasons you SHOULDN'T vote:

Top 10 reasons you shouldn't vote in a federal election:

#10 - I already voted in advance polls, so yours would feel inferior

#9 - It's best to leave the important decisions to us angry 20% who actually decide things by showing up on election day and give our candidates a 40% win in their riding

#8 - the lineup might be longer than your wait at Tim Hortons and your car engine would get cold, and thus, less efficient.

#7 - Every vote you cast gives that party $2 a year to run things - if you don't vote, you can make the parties go away for 4 years or so.

#6 - My 8 year old daughter says voting might cause violence. We should listen to her - children are the future.

#5 - Women only got the vote in 1916 in MB, so if less than half of them are going to the polls, maybe it's 'out of fashion' now

#4 - 'Suffrage' sounds bad; we probably should reduce the amount of suffrage in the world.

#3 – Maybe your vote really doesn’t matter at all... and really, neither do you.

#2 – Your life is pretty cushy anyways, so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and just chill.

#1 – No, no, you really are too dumb to vote. Better to leave it to your betters to decide things for you.